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Hand spun solid copper plant pot in its own unique stand.

Each stand is made from hand rolled and welded steel to create the perfect fit for the pot.

Most pot stands are generic to fit any shaped pot but these are designed and made to fit together as 1.

Lovingly handmade and a real favourite for uniqueness.

You have a choice of 2 styles.

Patina. The stand is left to naturally get a light rust then lacquered.

The pots patina is forced to create the blue/turquoise finish.

Satin Polished. The stand is enameled in black then lacquered.

The pot is satin polished by hand.

All pieces are handmade from raw copper so will change colour and tarnish over time but are easy to clean using metal polish and a soft cloth if needed. (satin polished areas only)

If polishing is not for you choose the lacquered versions.

Every piece is made to order and bespoke to you.

Items will be ready to dispatch 5 to 7 days after purchase.

The pot and stand dimensions are

H = 26.5cm

W = 15.5cm

D = 15.5cm

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